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Prima Mµ Multi-Disciplinary Medical & Surgical Microscope | Labomed®

A Quality Solution for Value-driven Diagnostics

The Prima Mµ is intended for routine inspection and in screening clinical environments. A well-designed apochromatic optical system with a high output LED built directly into the microscope housing provides users with a compact solution. The arm system has been carefully designed to mitigate vibration and lower the system's center of gravity to provide a more stable, lighter weight solution.

Prima Mµ

PRIMA Mµ Advantages

PRIMA Mµ Advantages

An Apochromatic 3-step Galilean optical system produces aberration-free images corrected for all primary wavelengths. Proprietary MaxLite™ coatings promise the highest degree of anti-reflective and scratch resistant properties, illuminating images evenly and without artifacts. Fine focusing control is provided through a range of long working distance CMOs.

PRIMA Mµ Advantages

A single 27-watt LED intelligently drives the illumination system to deliver over 75,000 lux at a carefully selected color temperature of 3700K, making Prima Mµ's eye-pleasing illumination the brightest in its class. Built into the magnichanger, the LED design makes the system more compact and runs cool for over 50,000 hours.

PRIMA Mµ Advantages

To address digital documentation needs, a host of digital SLR, video camera, and CCD adapters are available with the ProLine™ in addition to our proprietary iVu S5 in-line solution.

Microscope Specifications

  • Binocular Tube

    45° inclined (standard), 0-210° inclinable, straight head (optional)

  • Eyepiece

    WF 10X/18mm with retractable eye guards, diopter adjustment ±5mm with diopter lock; optional: WF 12.5X/18mm

  • Apochromatic Magnichanger

    0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X

  • Objective

    f-250 mm with fine focus (standard); Options: NuVar with focal length adjustment f-300-400 mm; f-300 mm or f-400 mm with fine focus; f-200 mm fixed objective; objective lens protector.

  • Light Source

    27W LED / 75K lux

  • Built-in-Filters

    Green & Yellow

  • Vertical Movement of arm

    500 mm with power saver light cut-off at park position

  • Microscope Carrier Movement

    ± 155°

  • Mounting Options

    Floor stand, wall mount and ceiling mount

Accessories (Optional)

  • Beam splitter straight/inclined
  • Rotoplate and/or Extender
  • Camera adapters for Canon/Nikon/Sony systems
  • Motorized Z-axis with foot pedal

Dimensions (mm)



Prima Mµ Brochure

Prima Mµ Brochure

Learn more about the Prima Mµ's unique value offering.

Prima Mµ User Manual

Prima Mµ User Manual

Learn more about the Prima Mµ's proper use recommendations and features.



Introduction Prima Mµ (English)

Introduction Prima Mµ (English)

Introduction Prima Mµ (Spanish)

Introduction Prima Mµ (Spanish)

Features and Benefits of the Mµ Premium

Features and Benefits of the Mµ Premium

ProLine accessories overview

ProLine accessories overview

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