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Labomed Microscopes Ideas for Vision
Labomed Microscopes Ideas for Vision

Medical Microscopes

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Delivering quality and reliable performance across a diverse set of needs across the gynecology, otolaryngology, and eye care segments is the primary focus of our medical division. See how our PRIMA, eVA, and eVO systems have been well tailored to maximize better patient outcomes, all within a sleek form factor.

Dental Microscopes

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What was once considered an instrument exclusive to root canal treatment, the dental microscope today has thankfully become a tool used across dental disciplines to help better restore overall oral health. Learn more about our PRIMA and MAGNA configurations and how they can tackle the most basic hygiene cases.

Life Material Microscopes

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Superior optical performance, ergonomic, modern form factor. These are the three guiding principles followed when ideating about our microscopes for use in schools, labs, and workshops. See what shape and form our ideas have taken in our line of products designed to deliver quality in the most demanding of environments.

Stereo Microscopes

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Our Luxeo series comes in a variety of packages. A basic 2 step option is available, as are multiple zoom options for education, quality control, and more advanced workshop inspection cases. See how we can help outfit your bench with the best product play on market. And check back soon for updates on our new APO Luxeo configuration.

About Labomed®

For over 65 years, Labomed® microscopes have served the scientific, industrial, and medical industries with integrity and consistency. The result – a product that endears itself to the most detail oriented of users. With clients and partners in over 200 countries taking part in our story of progress, we take great pride in our identity of continuously delivering unique and valuable ideas for vision.

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