From elementary to fully-extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites, our modular line of microscopes have made us a well-recognized brand worldwide for over 60 years.


Paracetamol crystals forming abstract modern art patterns, when illuminated with polarized light, under a microscope objective with 50x magnification.


The Labomed brand of medical and surgical microscopes produce feature-rich images, enabling high-quality outcomes across a portfolio of applications in otolaryngology (ENT), ophthalmology, gynecology, animal surgery, reconstructive surgery, and dentistry. We deliver premium clinical and surgical visualizations with our proprietary MaxLite coatings and Apochromatic optical designs in our medical lab microscopes, clinical microscopes, and hospital microscopes.

Enabling Medical Diagnostics & Research

Our medical microscopes are equipped with the best materials and build quality to enhance our valued clients focussed on medical diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment. Physicians and researchers across multiple medical disciplines rely on Labomed microscopes to detect lesions, place ear tubes, remove cataracts, screen for cervical cancer, and perform delicate brain surgery for neuroresearch.

Augment Surgical Capabilities

Our cutting-edge surgical microscopes deliver powerful visualization, delivering operating room level quality to medical clinics, outpatient surgery centers, university research and laboratory environments. Precision optics and ergonomic stands enable doctors to perform even the most complicated procedures under a surgical microscope with ease and comfort.

Enable Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical microscopes are most commonly stereo table top microscopes, but in the past few years, developments in table-top surgical microscopes from the Labomed brand have brought surgical level quality to research workstations. Whether for pharmaceutical development, medical device inspection, or even rodent surgery, our surgical microscopes with superior quality and affordability have revolutionized visualization of complex structures. Digital medical microscope technology has also become more accessible thanks to a range of Labomed digital camera accessories and DSLR adapters for a range of brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and even your very own smartphone.


Labo America is first and foremost a designer, developer, and then manufacturer of high-precision optical and optomechanical systems, thanks to the use of modern machining and coating technology to deliver versatile and consistent microscopy solutions. Our microscopes are available in more than 200 countries worldwide, serving the healthcare industry in multiple ways. Labomed brand microscopes are also present in several charity hospitals serving distressed populations. We have supported the global health mission of affordable and accessible healthcare for over 65 years, offering as well as donating surgical microscopes and clinical microscopes tailored to hospital and clinic micro-enhanced needs.





The Labomed brand is recognized as a top-tier participant in the microscope industry, serving with a unique blend of precision microscopes worldwide for over 65 years. We deliver high-precision microscopes and optical instruments. We manufacture medical microscope solutions for hospitals and clinics. Our modular microscopes range from elementary to fully extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites with standard as well as digital medical microscopes. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certified, and FDA registered, and all Labomed microscopes are UL and CE approved. We maintain excellence in operating and manufacturing practices through a meticulous quality policy because customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


The latest advances in microscope technology have fueled the healthcare industry through streamlining industrial designs and incorporating newer technologies in illumination and optical coatings, resulting in more compact, brighter and more long lasting LED illumination, and superior resolution. Microscope technology has substantially improved surgical and clinical outcomes as a result, as the microscope has become not a luxury but a standard instrument used by surgeons and clinicians across the medical field. Physicians can now utilize surgical microscopes with apochromatic optical systems, high quality optical coatings that enhance light distribution and homogeneity, and long-lasting LED illumination that makes bulb change a thing of the past. Tracking patient pathology and progress over time is now made simple thanks to digital microscope technology, enabling still capture and high-definition video capture as an adjunct to a clinical or surgical microscope.

All Labomed surgical and medical microscopes feature apochromatic corrections to our optics, otherwise known as 3-color correction for the highest color fidelity and image resolution. This enables physicians to have the accurate visualization to better diagnose and treat patients. Some of the areas this is important is assessing tissue and anatomy in ENT and gynecology, proper pulp removal and flap suturing in dental applications, working with tendons and ligaments in hand or cosmetic reconstructive surgery, and identifying brain pathways in neuroresearch.

Labomed clinical and surgical microscopes are designed to not only assist in root canal procedures, but also in cosmetic dentistry, periodontal dentistry, and prosthodontic dentistry thanks to the magnification and co-axial illumination our Prima DNT clinical microscope delivers. The microscope also helps dentists maintain an upright posture throughout a case, ensuring dental posture is preserved for better health. The microscope can help dentists avoid painful and costly neck and spine related surgeries.

Labomed delivers a range of slit lamps, cataract surgery, and retinal surgery microscope solutions for ophthalmology and optometry, helping eye care specialists in applications ranging from basic corneal diagnostic and fundus viewing, to placement of an IOL after a cataract is successfully removed, and even in vitrectomy cases in office and performed in outpatient surgery centers. Our Prima OPH and Stella microscope model can also adapt a BIOM or image inverter for retinal work.

Every Labomed medical microscope enables clinicians to better assess and diagnose gynecological problems such as cervical cancer or reproductive anatomical challenges, improving female reproductive health outcomes and screen for cancer before it becomes harder to catch. Labomed Prima C and CS microscopes are clinical microscopes that are also designed for hospital microscope use. Additionally, our Prima ENT used in otolaryngology is versatile in that it is modular for hospital clinics, surgery centers, and private offices, helping doctors treat ENT microscope needs.



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