October 9th, 2020

Uses of Advanced Microscopes in Dentistry

The use of advanced microscopes has helped the field of dentistry make tremendous advancements in recent years. Advanced microscopes can provide a much clearer and more detailed view of the oral cavity, which helps dentists diagnose issues and provide better treatment. Contemporary endodontic technology offers many treatments that make procedures like the root canal faster, comfortable, and way more effective. 

Advanced microscopes offer several benefits, including:  

- Easier diagnosis and treatment
- Increased productivity
- Improved patient education
- Increased staff confidence
- Reduced chair time

Dental microscopes like the precisely and seamlessly designed LABOMED® Magna and Prima dental microscope bring to your dental practice crystal clear visualization and superior responsiveness, all packaged in a compact and ergonomic design. This ensures sharp magnification and bright illumination (LED, over 60K hours bulb life), giving dental professionals the ability to actualize any treatment procedure with utmost perfection. The attention to detail holds much importance for any dental practice, and LABOMED dental microscopes go a long way in ensuring superior patient outcomes given the above. Here is a capsule of our dental offerings:

The workhorse Prima DNT microscope is a new standard in dental microscopy, offering one of the first dental microscopes with LED illumination and a highly integrated yet modular design. It comes with a state-of-the-art design customized for both sizable and compact operatories. Here we must note that this space comes at a premium in many modern operatories. Apochromatic optics offer superior optical clarity and comfort for hours of fatigue-free use. 

The Prima Trainer microscope is a tabletop configuration that provides excellent performance in workshops and tabletop applications present in educational facilities. The superior image fidelity and the tailored arm ensure a low center of gravity with a far more balanced user experience in a training or educational setting. 

The Magna is the first of its kind in its field as it offers an electromagnetic clutch system that guarantees supreme positioning flexibility. It has a continuous zoom system that also offers unparalleled magnification control and “lossless” vision of the patient’s anatomy.

Salient benefits of LABOMED's dental products:

  • Super bright LED that delivers over 120,000 Lux and produces a natural color temperature. 
  • Offer a run time of 60,000 hours, reducing frequent bulb changes.
  • An apochromatic optical system produces superior resolution and artifact-free images for excellent visibility. 
  • The optional NuVar™ objective delivers variable working distance settings within a focal range of f300-400mm (optional: 200-400mm), making the Labomed microscope better suited for new users as well as multi-physician environments.
  • Enables easy viewing of the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Users can rest assured that buying LABOMED dental microscopes will only add to the precision and effectiveness of each practice that owns them. With an excellent support infrastructure spanning the globe, our industry-leading service is ready to supply the future leaders in microscopy.


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