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Luxeo 6i Microscope | Labomed®

Fatigue Free & High Quality Stereo Imaging in a Sleek, Ergonomic Package

Luxeo 6i delivers state-of-art engineering and design to users most concerned with performance and value. From a fluid zoom control (6:1), bright and efficient co-axial LED illumination with ergonomically placed light controls, and a crisp apochromatic galiliean optical system delivering the highest fidelity image resolution, our team has met the call to deliver the most attractive and valuable stereo microscope for industrial and medical purposes. An optional tilting viewing body makes the system more ergonomic, and a range of stand types promise

Luxeo 6i

Luxeo 6i Advantages

Luxeo 6i Advantages

A range of video (DSLR, C-mount, iPhone) accessories and stand types quickly transform the Luxeo 6i for a variety of applications. Plan & Plan-Apo CMO's offer a range of magnification and working distance options.

Luxeo 6i Advantages

An ergonomic control cluster brings reflected and transmitted LED light controls within close proximity of macro zoom control, making it more intuitive for technicians to quickly switch back and forth without looking away from the eyepieces. Thus ensuring maximum efficiency.

Luxeo 6i Advantages

Choose from our heavy and medium boom stand, dark field / bright field, or pole stand options to suit your workstation. For more embryo detection, an optional mirror base configuration is available.

Luxeo 6i Advantages

Co-axial LED illumination offers shadow-free reflected light, expanding the realm of applications Luxeo 6i serves in both industrial as well as animal surgery environments.

Microscope Specifications

  • Optical System


  • Magnification

    6:1 Zoom Ratio

  • Eyepiece

    WF 10x/22mm with foldable eye guards, ±8mm diopter adjustment Optional:12.5x, 16X and 20X eyepieces

  • Diopter Correction

    + / - 5 Diopters

  • Viewing Body

    Binocular 20°, 49-78mm IPD Optional: 0-210° tiltable ergo head

  • Working Distance


  • Magnification Range

    8x to 50x Continuous

  • Object Field Diameter

    4.4 to 27.50mm

  • Eye Guards

    Rubber, Foldable

  • Illumination Control

    Incident Light:
    Coaxial light with intensity control
    Dual goose neck for extra illumination

    Transmitted Light: Two options - detachable BF/DF (Bright field/Dark field) base; preconfigured mirror base for transparent objects

    All intensity controlled through membrane switch on microscope pod

  • Camera Adapters

    C-mount adapters 0.3x, 0.5x, 0.7x; DSLR adapters for Canon, Sony and Nikon, and iPhone

  • Auxiliary Objectives (Optional)

    1.0x Apochromat standard
    Optional objectives: Achromats: 0.32x, 0.50x, 0.63x, 0.80x, 1.0x Plan Apochromat: 1.25x

  • LED Life

    Up to 25,000 hours

  • Light Quality

    Homogeneous daylight (6500ºK), free of UV and IR emissions

  • Power Supply

    Universal 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer



Luxeo 6i Brochure

Luxeo 6i Brochure

Learn more about the Luxeo 6i's key performance benefits.

Luxeo 6i User Manual

Luxeo 6i User Manual

Learn more about key functional aspects and useful tips about the Luxeo 6i.



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