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eVO 400 Slit Lamp Microscope for Corneal Imaging & Surgery | Labomed®

Efficient Design for a Streamlined Office

The eVO 400 delivers a streamlined design with high precision apochromatic optics for accurate anatomical observations, corrected for spherical and chromatic aberrations to ensure comfortable and reliable use. Eco-friendly illumination options, lead-free high dispersion glass, paints and materials minimize the system's environmental impact without sacrificing performance and durability. The eVO 400 represents all that a slit lamp should be.

eVO 400

eVO 400 Advantages

eVO 400 Advantages

An apochromatic optical design ensures crisp, strain-free images with superior color fidelity and contrast. The eVO™ series of slit lamps is part of a new generation of our proprietary MaxLite™ coated optics, with the latest advancements in anti-reflective and scratch resistant surface technology for a more pristine image over time.

eVO 400 Advantages

A built-in photo port makes documentation simpler and more affordable. Adapters are available for most digital and analog cameras, all while maintaining the system's streamlined form factor. For convenience in fluorescein exams, the microscope has a flip-in Wrattan filter built into the optical chamber.

eVO 400 Advantages

Efficient illumination design translates to a bright and evenly illuminated image at all magnifications. Halogen and LED options are available within a tower illuminator, providing for additional degrees of slit illumination.

Microscope Specifications

  • Microscope


  • Magnification

    5 step: 6.5X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

  • Eyepiece

    WF 12.5X/18mm, diopter adj. ± 5mm

  • IPD Range

    48.5 - 77mm

  • Slit Length/Width

    0 - 12mm

  • Slit Apertures

    0.3, 1, 3, 5, 9, 12mm and continuous 1.5 to 12.0mm

  • Slit Rotation

    0 - 180°

  • Slit Tilt


  • Built-in-Filters

    Red free, Cobalt blue, Heat absorbing, Neutral density

    Movement Ranges:

  • Longitudinal (in/out)


  • Lateral (left/right)


  • Vertical (up/down)


  • Chin Rest Range


  • Illumination

    Halogen 6V-20W

  • Table Base Size

    465mm X 316mm

  • Weight

    24kg (packed)

  • Voltage

    100-240V AC

  • Frequency

    50-60 Hz

Accessories (Optional)

  • Tonometer, Beam splitter, Cameras, Diffuser, Motorized table



eVO 400 Brochure

eVO 400 Brochure

Learn more about the eVO 400's unique value offering.

eVO 400 User Manual

eVO 400 User Manual

Learn all about the eVO 400, its functions, and more.


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