Lx 300

Upright Lx 300 MICROSCOPE

Today's educators call for a classroom microscope that would be ideal for continued education and pre-clincial programs. Demanded is a product with crisp optics, ergonomic features for a mature classroom, and a price point that supports institutional purchases. Provided is the Lx 300, putting all requests to rest.


  • Stand

    Single mold sturdy stand with anti-rust materials. Ergonomic base for hand rest and greater stability.

  • Objective

    EP2 Plan Achromat DIN Infinity objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (spring loaded), 100x (spring loaded, oil), antifungal

  • Focusing

    Coaxial coarse and fine focus on ball drive system for smooth operation

  • Illumination

    Intensity controlled LED (up to 50,000 hours of LED life)

  • Electronics

    Universal input 100V - 240V AC, 50/60Hz. Built-in voltage stabilizer

  • Eyepiece

    Wide field 10x/18mm with foldable eye guards, lockable, antifungal

  • Mechanical Stage

    Double plate stage 150 x 135mm, X-Y travel range 75mm x 40mm with low-height controls. Hard coated surface for scratch resistance. Double specimen holder.

  • Nosepiece

    Reverse angle quadruple nosepiece (Ball bearing type) with click stops and rubber grip

  • Viewing Body

    Siedentopf Binocular (Butterfly style) or Trinocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, with adjustable viewing height up to 40mm, IPD 48 - 75mm

  • Condenser

    Sub stage Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm with blue daylight filter. Rack and pinion movements on metal guides

  • Accessories (Optional)
    • Pointers & Micrometer Reticules
    • Phase (Simple & Zernike), Polarizing, Fluorescence and Dark Field Kits
    • Dual Viewing Bridge
    • Quintuple Position Viewing Bridge
    • Auxiliary Objectives and Eyepieces
    • Cord Hanger Kit
    • Digital Cameras and Adapters
    • Soft Carrying Case


Lx300 Brochure

Lx300 Brochure

Learn more about the Lx300's unique value offering.

Lx300 User Manual

Lx300 User Manual

Learn all about the Lx300, its functions, and more.

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