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TCM 400 Phase Tissue Culture Microscope | Labomed®

Focussing on the Needs of Clinicians

Cell culture, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and fluorescence stains are viewed in high fidelity with the TCM 400. A host of optional accessories make the system modular and versatile. High-performance optics configured in a durable, compact footprint make the TCM 400 inverted microscope ideal for clinical needs.

TCM 400

TCM 400 Advantages

TCM 400 Advantages

LWD series long working distance objectives and a well-designed phase/brightfield illumination system yield sharp contrast images. A long working distance 0.8 N.A. phase condenser accommodates media containers with ease.

TCM 400 Advantages

The TCM 400 will seamlessly accommodate Labomed® cameras as well as 3rd party imaging solutions, enabling image capture and archiving.

TCM 400 Advantages

With an optional mercury HBO or LED epi-illuminator, the TCM 400 becomes a fully functional fluorescence microscope with a host of filter options.

Microscope Specifications

  • Stand

    Ergonomically designed sturdy stand (aluminum die-cast)

  • Viewing Body

    Binocular, Trinocular 30° and Ergonomic Tiltable Binocular tube (0°-25°), IPD 52-75mm

  • Eyepiece

    Widefield 10x/22mm eyepieces with rubber eyeguards, antifungal coatings

  • Nosepiece

    Quadruple reverse angle turret (Ball bearing type) with rubber grip

  • Objective

    LW series Long working distance DIN Phase Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x and 20x, antifungal coatings

  • Mechanical Stage

    Fixed plain stage 160mm x 240mm

  • Condenser

    Long working distance Condenser NA 0.30, suitable for Phase contrast/BF with Phase contrast slider and telescope, Green and Blue filters. Specimen holders include 35mm Petri dish holder and two dish/sample holders (only with optional mechanical stage)

  • Focusing

    Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism. Fine focus graduation 2.0μm

  • Illumination

    Transmitted Illumination system 6v30w Halogen with intensity control. Up to 500 hours of Halogen lamp life.

  • Electronics

    Universal power supply (110V-240V) with built-in voltage stabilizer

  • Optional Accessories

  • Pointers & Micrometer Reticules
  • Phase and Fluorescence Kits
  • Auxiliary Objectives and Eyepieces
  • Digital Cameras and Adapters
  • Soft Carrying Case

Package Contents

  • Power Cable (6ft)
  • Nylon Dust Cover & Cleaning Cloth
  • Instapack Packaging



TCM 400 Brochure

TCM 400 Brochure

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