From elementary to fully-extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites, our modular line of microscopes have made us a well-recognized brand worldwide for over 60 years.


A high magnification image of the eyes of the robber fly. These rice-grain-sized flies have excellent vision due to the large lenses clustered at the center of their compound eyes.


From science labs in high schools using dissecting microscopes and microbiology microscope labs in universities, to IVF labs using microscopes for embryo detection, and even in MOHS microscope-enhanced surgery and clinical pathology, Labomed® laboratory microscopes are designed to serve and deliver superior performance and cost efficiencies. The Labomed CxL, Lx and Luxeo series of microscopes have been developed to help users visualize the most basic organisms as well as help screen for pathogens.. A host of configurations in our laboratory microscope line can help you create greater visual acuity. Learn how Labomed brand of professional microscopes can enhance your workflow.

Educational Microscopy

Studying complex biological systems is not possible without biological microscopes. And understanding and education around cell biology is possible thanks to magnification of objects in micron sizes, whether it be cross sections of organisms seen under an upright compound microscope, or larger macro preps in petri dishes under an inverted microscope or on a stereo microscope stage.

Sub-Nanometer, Near-Atomic Resolutions

Microscopy has become so advanced that it allows the visualization of ever-increasing details of cell structure. Cryo-electron microscopy, for instance, can now determine the 3D structure of macromolecules at the subnanometer resolution. Also, it can be used to observe the helical and 2D crystalline specimens. Achieving near-atomic resolution is possible as well, which can be instrumental in studying the biological functions of different molecules.

Functional Morphology

Life-changing discoveries have been made in the cells and body systems of both humans and animals in functional morphology thanks to microscopes. The microscopic study of tissues in histology would not be possible without the use of microscopes, especially histopathology biological microscopes.


Microscopes contribute significantly to the life sciences. Substantial discoveries have been made over the years in the fields cancer research, in vitro fertilization, and even microbiology.. Labomed microscopes empower users to advance studies of the human body on a cellular level. Our Luxeo line of stereo microscopes offers greater visual acuity to view detailed relationships between the structures and functions at different levels of resolution. The Labomed CxL and Lx series are used as science microscopes to help educators further awareness and captivate the interest of younger minds seeking to explore a career in the life sciences. Labomed microscopes are ideal for observing structures at a wide micron scale in medical research. Our modular range of microscopes are perfect for those looking for a high quality microscope that also has a streamlined cost structure.





Labomed has been one of the top laboratory microscope suppliers worldwide for over 65 years. We deliver high-precision microscopes and optical instruments under our laboratory microscope models for professional and educational use. Our modular microscopes range from elementary level to fully extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites. Labomed brand microscopes are all manufactured in facilities that are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certified, and FDA registered, helping convey a level of consistency in quality and operations at an international scale. All Labomed microscopes and accessories are UL and CE certified where applicable. Customer satisfaction is a critical component of a laboratory microscope manufacturer's Quality Policy, and no exception is made with the Labomed brand.


All Labomed compound and stereo microscopes deliver enhanced image quality and ergonomy with the user in sharp focus. Superior optical coating techniques such as our MaxLite molecular sputtered coatings deliver anti-glare, anti-fungal, anti-scratch resistant properties that deliver efficiency and reliability in optical performance across our laboratory microscope and educational microscope models. A suite of digital microscope cameras help to stream images as a heads-up display for pharmaceutical quality control, and can also help educators and lab techs capture images and videos of organisms on the move!

Labomed's Luxeo range boasts user-friendly stereo solutions, from a basic 2-step stereo for microscopic dissection, inspecting solder points, to more advanced stereo zoom systems on boom stands and a variety of dark field and bright field stands to inspect larger scale specimens in life science and biotechnical applications. The Labomed Lx microscope series all have captive rotation features in the viewing head, helping users store microscopes away in university cabinets with an already very compact microscope stand. Customizable options are available through a host of accessories and options such as polarized microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, dark field microscopy for live blood cell analysis, and fluorescence microscopy option for viewing excited protein markers in cells.

High-performance microscopes are ideal for continued education and pre-clinical programs. Labomed brand microscopes enable greater flexibility thanks to a number of ergonomic features embedded in the industrial design to make users more comfortable for longer periods of use.

Labomed brand laboratory microscopes and biological microscopes for education are designed with ergonomic balance supports and sturdy aluminum die-cast stands to ensure vibration free use and also make the systems more robust for reliable microscope use for many, many years!

All Labomed microscopes are well supported by a network of factory trained service and sales distributors, with a backbone of local support with regional offices located in major markets. All service and support is backed by an industry leading warranty policy for the full range of Labomed microscopes.



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