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A shining new beacon in industrial & medical microscopy

Luxeo 6i is shining new beacon in industrial & medical stereo microscopy

Luxeo 6i is shining new beacon in industrial & medical microscopy


For far too long, microscopes in the higher-end industrial and medical stereo microscope markets have remained stagnant due to very slow advancement in new features and technology that would otherwise drive greater ergonomics and convenience for users in quality control, animal surgery, stereotaxis, and inspection environments that span markets in neuroscience, neuro research, and industrial microscopy. Those products that do compete in the modular device space tend to be prohibitively expensive once a product is fully outfitted, not to mention very segmented in function. 

To address this need for greater innovation in the stereo microscope marketplace, our design team developed the Luxeo 6i. This microscope addresses the fundamental charters of supreme performance-to-price benefits, while making many otherwise optional features, standard.  

Some of the core competencies include:

  • Well-designed apochromatic optical system (6:1 Galilean zoom) with a host of auxiliary plan-apochromat and plan-achromat objectives. High eye-relief eyepieces are available in multiple magnifications.  
  • True co-axial LED illumination for “shadow-free” observation
  • Front-mounted, integrated LED goosenecks for better control of light incident angle while also avoiding getting tangled with focus controls
  • Integrated light controls enabling seamless actuation of all illumination settings and levels from one conveniently located membrane panel.
  • Ergonomic tilting head (optional), beam splitters, DSLR and C-mount video adapters, and smart phone adapters, all from the Labomed ProLine surgical accessory series.

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