May 24th, 2022

Use of Dental Microscopes in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Technical advancements in cosmetic and restorative dentistry over the past decade call for continual upgradation of dental equipment. A stable, light-weight microscope can go a long way in providing an accurate diagnosis, identifying remedies, and improving clinical outcomes. High-tech, flexible dental microscopes improve overall treatment quality by providing the user with a high degree of control and visibility with the option of loss-less magnification, thanks to a continuous zoom, helping enable better patient outcomes. Many restorative and cosmetic dentists, once strangers to microscopes, now consider the microscope a critical treatment tool. Let us explore the numerous benefits of using a new-gen microscope in your dental practice: 

Advantages of the Latest Dental Microscope in Restorative Dentistry

The dental microscope improves visibility while enabling a completely ergonomic user working posture. Higher magnification improves visibility in diagnosing, preparing, seating, and finishing applications. Dental microscopes have built-in high-intensity LEDs that provide shadow-free and detailed vision, allowing for increased visibility in canals and dentine surface integrity. Specialists in the field should consider a microscope for dental surgery and treatment that is specially designed with crisp Apochromatic optics that ensure the highest color and image fidelity, fluid, and well balanced mechanical articulation, and a long-lasting LED light source that comes together to provide efficiency in routine inspection applications, or dental surgery Here are some advantages of dental microscopes in restorative dentistry: 

  • Enhanced vision.
  • Improved quality of treatment.
  • Minimally invasive treatment with less hard tissue removal.
  • Less time for the final occlusion review.
  • Ergonomic working position.
  • Comfortable mobility of the dentist.

Why cosmetic dentists use a modern dental microscope

Magnification enhances the accuracy of tooth preparation and helps eliminate unnecessary margins, preventing damage to adjacent teeth and connective tissue during all types of cosmetic dental procedures and surgery. Unlike loupes, which have shallower magnification and require the user to compensate for focal length corrections using their necks and back, a dental microscope has a magnification that goes up to 25X while also enabling the user to sit upright and comfortably without unnecessary movement. The increased magnification allows dentists to locate minor or otherwise undetected problems in dentine. 

Nearly 70% of dentists that don’t use microscopes today complain of neck and back pain, which leads to costly treatment, downtime for recovery away from practice, reduced workflow, especially in later years of career, and potentially an overall reduction in chair-time and revenue-generating activities. , This is not to mention the reduced quality of life due to pain caused by poor working posture. Dental microscopes consider the ergo posture and help minimize postural-related pain/injury impact that not having a properly erect working posture can create. These ergonomic features allow you to practice comfortably, take on more cases, improve clinical outcomes and essentially practice longer without experiencing pain and extracting the most out of your practice. 

What makes the Labomed microscope the ideal choice

Labomed dental microscopes are specially designed with crisp Apochromatic optics with an in-built ultra-bright LED light source and fluid arm articulation. The Magna delivers an optical zoom unit, providing loss-less magnification from 4x continuously to 25x. It also features a uniquely designed electromagnetic clutch that powers microscope positioning in a novel way, delivering greater positional ease and a much shallower learning curve. Our dental microscopes provide users with a compact solution that won’t monopolize clinic space. 

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