Uses of advanced microscopes in Dentistry

Uses of advanced microscopes in Dentistry

Dental technologies have emerged as the rising star when it comes to advancements and new-age equipment. Contemporary endodontics technology offers a number of treatments that make procedures like the root canal a lot faster, comfortable, and way more effective. The dental microscope like the precisely and seamlessly-designed Labomed® Magna dental microscope brings to your dental practice crystal clear visualization all packed in a compact, yet ergonomic design. This ensures ideal magnification, bright illumination giving the dental professionals the ability to assess any treatment procedure with the utmost perfection. The attention to detail holds much importance for any dental procedure and the Labomed modern dental microscopes go a long way in ensuring this. Check out the advanced visual aids that have only grown more sophisticated over time. 

The incredible Prima DNT microscope is a fresh standard in dental microscopy. This comes equipped with a state-of-the-art design that addresses the needs of the modern dental professional with ease with its intelligent system. The Prima DNT trainer microscope is the tabletop configuration that offers great performance. The superior image fidelity and the tailored arm ensures a low center of gravity that has a balanced performance.


The new-age dental microscopes from Labomed are created using self-supported units due to which there is no need to restrict the number of lenses. With many lenses and prisms, these microscopes provide better magnification and are better suited to visualize dental problems. Labomed microscopes reduce eye strain and fatigue enabling the practitioner to cope up with the challenging procedures. 

  • Superbright LED that delivers over 100,000 Lux and produces a natural color temperature. 

  • Offer a run time of 60,000 hours reducing frequent bulb changes.

  • The lightbox easily mounts to the column or the swivel arm.

  • An apochromatic optical system produces superior resolution and artifact-free images for excellent visibility. 

  • The optional NuVar™ objective delivers variable working distance settings within a focal range of f300-400mm, making the Labomed microscope more versatile.

  • Enables easy viewing of the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Labomed ensures harmony remains the guiding principle when products are designed. The state-of-the-art microscopes produce a new dimension in a performance that enables easy operation even in the most challenging dental situations. The ergonomics help address the needs of any dental practice perfectly and are available in an array of configurations.

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