Advanced eye care microscopes for greater results

Advanced eye care microscopes for greater results

There has been an ever-increasing demand by surgeons and eye care professionals to provide better and more affordable care to their patients. This clearly implies that they need to be empowered with instruments that can provide the ultimate precision. Labomed offers a new class of microscopes especially crafted for doctors that focuses on better and more affordable eye care. The sturdy, balanced, and ergonomic design offers the ultimate user convenience.  

Labomed offers a choice of eye care microscopes that include:

  • Prima OPH Microscope

  • eVO 300 Microscope

  • eVO 400 Microscope

… and many more!

Quite often, the structure of the eye care microscope tends to create an awkward position with the head area bent over the eye tubes of the microscope. This tends to damage health and create issues for users. With Labomed, such a happening is negligible since all eye care microscopes are crafted to perfection. The eye fatigue is considerably reduced with Labomed. 

The body is capable of enduring a stationary position for longer periods only when in a neutral posture. This means that to efficiently use the microscope for longer hours, the device needs to be ergonomically designed. Labomed products are designed to meet these requirements very efficiently and follow a certain set of guidelines that are a must when using the eye care microscope.  

  • The eyepieces of the microscope should be present below the vision line, this would enable a good focus and comfort.

  • It is always advisable not to bend the neck and head for more than 10-15 degrees. When sitting, prefer an upright position leaning the body a bit forward. 

  • It is always a good idea to keep arms perpendicular to the floor. Feet must rest firmly on the ground keeping the pressure even all over.

Labomed focuses on clarity, ergonomics, and fluidity while designing eye care microscopes. These offer an efficient illumination system and an integrated beam splitter along with the Wratten filter for dry eye detection. 

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