August 27th, 2020

Powerful Optics for OBGYNs & Gynecologists: Delivering Efficiency and Power in a Compact Design

The market today possesses products with antiquated electronic and ergonomic features but as with high-price elasticity, customers have largely been unwilling to pay for advanced features.

The engineers at LABOMED microscopes saw an opportunity for cost and design innovation. Thanks to its economies of scale in surgical production, LABOMED designers could integrate our surgical LED illumination and apochromatic optical system into a variety of stand types (pole, advanced pole, and articulating arm styles). 

Today, the Labomed eVA and Prima C/CS microscopes for gynecological use (or “colposcopes”) are most commonly used in cervical cancer screening in gynecological practices. These microscopes deliver efficiency, power, and convenience, and versatile solutions for diagnostic and surgical work. The microscope also features the optional micromanipulator adaptation for work with CO2/diode lasers.

Some of the more exciting features of our Prima C/CS and eVA colposcopes are:

  • Super bright LED that delivers over 100,000 Lux and produces a natural color temperature. In the case of Prima C/CS, the light housing is directly attached to the optical housing, eliminating the need for a fiber optic cable.
  • A run time of 60,000 hours, reducing frequent bulb changes. This, by most calculations, means nearly a lifetime of use without having to change a bulb.
  • The lightbox easily mounts to the column in the case of the eVA colposcope or Prima C colposcope.
  • ProLine accessories will allow the adaptation of a variety of DSLR and smartphone cameras. 
  • An apochromatic optical system produces superior resolution and artifact-free images for excellent visibility. 

Doctors can use digital video camera options for high-definition streaming to a flat panel monitor with ease, thanks to the LABOMED ProLine. Add any significant brand of cameras or even your very own iPhone to the microscope with proprietary adapters to make your system a fully digital solution for streaming and documentation for both patient education as well as insurance reimbursements. 

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