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Magna microscopio dental | Labomed®

Magna Microscope

El Poder del Zoom

El microscopio dental Magna de Labomed® le ofrece a su práctica el poder de una visualización clara y nítida en un diseño compacto y ergonómico. El sistema presenta un ABA (brazo de balanceo automático por sus siglas en inglés) que ofrece a los usuarios 360 grados de libertad en el posicionamiento del microscopio. Un sistema de zoom apocromático altamente eficaz asegura que se facilite llegar a la magnificación y distancia focal ideales. La iluminación LED súper brillante y de alta duración permite a los profesionales dentales el no pasar nada por alto.

Magna Microscope

Ventajas del Magna:

Ventajas del Magna:

Un sistema de freno electromagnético brillantemente diseñado ofrece una máxima flexibilidad en el posicionamiento del microscopio. Dos botones de liberación de freno ubicados de manera conveniente hacen que el sistema sea altamente intuitivo. El mantener presionado cualquiera de los botones permite que el microscopio se mueva con facilidad. Luego de soltarse, el microscopio queda inmediatamente fijo en su sitio.

Los componentes ópticos apocromáticos superiores están incluidos en un sistema de zoom conveniente para ofrecer una gama continua de aumentos. El objetivo de distancia de trabajo variable NuVar™ (f300-f400mm) está incluido como estándar. Los recubrimientos MaxLite™ patentados aseguran componentes ópticos durables y libres de reflejos, asegurando la resolución con la más alta fidelidad.

Un LED súper brillante ofrece una iluminación libre de sombras con una temperatura de luz diurna natural (más de 100.000 lux) hasta por 60.000 horas. Para necesidades de documentación digital, hay disponible una gama de adaptadores SLR digital, videocámara y CCD con el ProLine™.

Microscope Specifications

  • Tubo Binocular

    Cabezal con inclinación de 0-210° con placa rotativa, DBSi (divisor de rayos doble inclinado), adaptador Doble Iris y DSLR

  • IPD

    50-75 mm

  • Oculares

    Oculares bloqueables WF 10X/18 mm, uno con aumento de resolución para asistir en el ajuste de dioptría.

  • Ajuste de dioptría

    ± 5mm con bloqueo de dioptría

  • Cambiador de aumento apocromático

    Acercamiento Galileo de 1:6, convertible a cambiador de aumento de 8 pasos

  • Alcance de Zoom


  • Objectivo

    Sistema NuVar con ajuste de longitud focal variable de 300-400 mm con mecanismo de enfoque fino.

  • Soportes de Microscopio

    ABA (brazo de balanceo automático por sus siglas en inglés) con liberación electromagnética para un posicionamiento sencillo y libre de oscilación.

  • Fuente de luz

    LED de 50 watts, 90-240V

  • Vatiaje máximo

    195 watts

  • Filtros incorporados

    Amarillo y verde

  • Movimiento Vertical del brazo

    ± 250 mm, función de ahorro de energía con corte de luz en posición fija

  • Estativo

    Estativo robusto y libre de vibraciones sobre una base de cruz con cuatro ruedas movibles y bloqueables

  • Opciones de montaje

    Soporte de piso, montaje sobre pared y montaje sobre techo



Manual de Usuario

Manual de Usuario

Aprenda todo sobre Magna, sus funciones y más



Introducción Magna (Inglés)

Introducción Magna (Inglés)

Introducción Magna (Español)

Introducción Magna (Español)

Introducción Magna (Portugués)

Introducción Magna (Portugués)

Accesorios ProLine

Accesorios ProLine


Escuche a los dentistas que utilizan los microscopios dentales Labomed en su práctica:

Utilizamos microscopios Labomed Prima exclusivamente en todos los cursos de Next Level Endo y conferencias asociadas. La nitidez de borde a borde de la imagen es insuperable. Personalmente, uso el Magna en mi operativo de demostración en vivo. La función de enfoque de zoom y el sistema de frenado electromagnético realmente hacen que este microscopio esté por encima del resto. ¡Tremenda calidad y claridad de la óptica! Y estoy bastante seguro de que Labomed tiene la mejor propuesta de valor de todas las marcas de la competencia.

Martin Trope, DMD
Next Level Endo
Filadelfia, PA, EE. UU.

It has been a pleasure working with Labomed. As an endodontist and educator, the support I have received is unsurpassed by any other company. My CE courses as well as my institution consistently receive 100% attention. No detail is too small and nothing is left to chance. I cannot ask for a better relationship. As for the equipment, the lenses are state-of-the-art and construction is of the highest quality. The best of service and product is a hard combination to beat.

James G. Hupp, DMD, MS
Roseman University
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

My experience with Labomed [TM] has been nothing short of extraordinary! This has been - hands down - the best experience with any dental company I've ever had. Not to mention the quality and price of the equipment is unmatched! Thank you!

Aaron Palmer, DMD
Smile Design Ellsworth
Ellsworth, Maine, USA

I am an endodontist and I have used the Labomed microscope for about four years and I find the quality of optics, suspension system and light source very good, I do not see any significant difference between Labomed and Zeiss and Global which I have used for years, and I prefer the Labomed microscope.

I recommend that general dentists use microscopes as I find great advantages of the magnification when placing restorations as well as placing delicate sutures. My posture has dramatically improved and backaches have subsided as I do not stress my neck looking down.

Mario Abdennour, DMD, MMSc
Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Faculty at the Advanced Graduate Endodontic Program, division of the department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences
Boston, Mass., USA

After seeing Labomed [TM] at the AAE convention I called to see what they offered. They were very willing to allow me to try out their mobile model of their microscope. They had it shipped to my location and had a local rep assemble it. After using the microscope, I found it to be comparable to the Zeiss, which I own 4 of, and Global models. Especially with the LED light. They even have an adjustable focal distance that really helps if different people are using the microscope. After deciding on the microscope they allowed me to use the model until the install. I had an issue with the distance from my wall to the patient chair. [They were] able make a new arm which was longer in order to accommodate my space. The install was great with little interruption in my day. They followed up several times to make sure the install was perfect. I will definitely use them again.

Yogesh Patel, DDS
North Dallas Endodontics
Dallas, Texas, USA

I have used the Labomed Microscope for about two years. As one gets older we begin to appreciate how good practice ergonomics and vision assist us in both longevity and the quality of our dentistry. The Labomed Microscope is a high quality piece of equipment at a low price compared to its competition.

Bruce Crispin, DDS, MS
Esthetic Professionals, Founder/CEO
Tarzana, California, USA

I have used the Labomed Microscope for about two years. As one gets older we begin to appreciate how good practice ergonomics and vision assist us in both longevity and the quality of ou

You really don’t know how much pain you are in till you find something that makes you better. That’s what my Labomed Microscope did for me! My neck is completely pain free! I have so much energy at the end of the day because I’m not leaning over patients all day. I also think my lab loves me way more than they used to. When you go from 4.5 loupes to 8+ magnification with a microscope your work can do nothing but get better.

Coty Shores, DDS
Shores Dental Company
Duncan, Oklahoma, USA

at a low price compared to its competition.

Bruce Crispin, DDS, MS
Esthetic Professionals, Founder/CEO
Tarzana, California, USA

Since buying our Labomed dental microscope, Endodontic procedures are going extremely well at our office. Patient acceptance and satisfaction are up considerably. We have seen an increase in billings, mainly because the microscope enables us to provide more treatments, due to far better visibility. All of these benefits made the purchase decision very easy!

Pierre Grégoire, DDS
Québec, Canada

As a restorative dentist, I rely on the ability to see in order to both diagnose and treat my patients. For 10 years I used loupes in my practice and as a result of poor ergonomics, I developed some chronic neck and back issues. I contacted several major microscope manufacturers and found that Labomed had the best customer service and was the only manufacturer willing to bring a scope to my office and allow me to use it extensively before I made a decision to purchase. From the first day of using the Labomed Magna, I was hooked. The ability to see clearly at high magnification has far exceeded my expectations. My ergonomics have improved, my diagnosis and case acceptance has improved, and my clinical outcomes have improved. My decision to incorporate this microscope into my practice has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Great scope, great value, great customer service.

Michael D. Barno, DMD
Brickyard Dental Group
Columbia, SC, USA

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