Powerful solution, compact design for gynecological concerns

Powerful solution, compact design for gynecological concerns 


Labomed has introduced amazing microscopes in a compact and versatile package as an optimum solution for surgical and diagnostic work in the field of gynecology. These come equipped with a high power LED illumination module, superb optics and an ergonomic footprint which ensures durability and high performance. The superb stands ensure an elegant and sturdy base, a number of accessories and cameras are available for any gynecology practice. 


A multitude of benefits

The Labomed microscopes are often used in gynecological practices. These deliver efficiency, power, and convenience and are a versatile solution for diagnostic work in gynecology. The high-precision optics prove to be a reliable performer during the in-office surgical applications and can aid in an accurate diagnosis. The feature-rich equipment with great design has set a new standard for colposcopy procedures. 

  • Superbright LED that delivers over 100,000 Lux and produces a natural color temperature. 

  • Offer a run time of 60,000 hours reducing frequent bulb changes.

  • The lightbox easily mounts to the column or the swivel arm.

  • An apochromatic optical system produces superior resolution and artifact-free images for excellent visibility. 

  • Enables easy viewing of the hard-to-reach areas of the body for effective disease management.


Doctors can make use of the digital video camera for high definition streaming to flat panel monitor efficiently. 

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